What is it?

We have a detailed and holistic Financial Planning process that lays the roadmap to systematically achieve the goals you may have, by way of appropriate wealth management. While creating the plan, the planner looks into your life goals, your current situation, committed expenses, income / expense pattern, risk exposure, cash flows, future commitments etc. and suggests a plan of action, with which you could comfortably sail through life, meeting all the goals set within the timeframe, in a planned manner. As per your investments and future requirements, we draw up comprehensive, actionable recommendations on what you should do. That makes for a detailed & tailor made financial plan. Financial Planning is an ongoing exercise. One will need to revise the plan, from time to time, to keep it current & relevant.

Who is it meant for?

There is a flawed thinking that financial planning & wealth management advice is required only by the rich. The rich require it no doubt, but the less well endowed, need it even more, as the margin of error is low in their case in view of their limited finances. In short, it is for anyone who has understood the benefits of financial planning, high quality personal financial advice and its potential to deliver. We as Financial Planning Experts would create a blueprint for our clients to follow and benefit.

Customer Engagement

Here is how our engagement will progress

Approach: Firstly, the services are explained over phone & email sent with details of our services

F2F Meeting
Once the prospect have gone through the communication and have further queries, we handle that over a meeting at the prospect’s availability & feasibility If they want to see a sample plan or may need references – we provide that, after verifying bonafides. We walk this prospect through a plan to help understand how this process works. After satisfying themselves, they could engage us.

Data Gathering
We fill up Information Sheet to get specific data, once our prospect wants to engage us. Once we get the information, we may seek further clarifications or may seek copies of certain base documents to take into account in the plan.

Plan Presentation
A basic plan is prepared & we take our client through the plan. Any new thoughts, scenarios, changes etc which might come up, are noted for incorporation in the next updated plan. The Final plan will be complete with detailed, actionable recommendations. Once again we take the client through the plan and explain what we have done for them and the rationale for our recommendations. Once the client has understood the plan completely, the financial plan engagement comes to an end.

Review & Recast
Every Half yearly, the plan is reviewed. Plan review is done to see whether the plan has progressed as laid out and whether any course correction is required. Depending on the extent of the changes, we may have to rework the plan. The idea is to continue the engagement process and take it forward. The engagement needs to be renewed to carry the financial planning process forward.

Benefits to you

Client Centric Approach
We only do those things that are best for our clients. We are on the client's side always, unlike agents who represent financial service companies. We truly want to be client-centric and want to comply with high standard.

Qualification & experience
All Financial Planners/ advisors in our team have appropriate education & adequate experience in creating plans & offering advice, interfacing with clients and assisting them to understand what we have done for them. We have assisted hundreds of clients, over the years. You get the benefit of the knowledge, expertise & perspective, which comes from our extensive consulting experience.

Clarity & Perspective
Our plan/ advisory will give you clarity about your current situation, investments to be pursued, future course and the road map to achieve the goals. You get a perspective of where you are heading, whether you will meet your goals & about your funding sufficiency.

Ethics & integrity are the bedrock principles on which our practice itself is built. We are committed to doing things transparently & ethically.

One-point contact
You will be dealing with us for anything to do with finance or Risk – Period!! Even after the plan creation, our advisors/ planners will offer advice on matters pertaining to your finances on an on-going basis. You would always have an advisor who would advice you specifically about your financial matters. Relationship managers etc. don't know your whole situation and they are not in a position to advice you properly. Also, they change jobs and you are passed on like a medicine ball or agents vanish, without a trace. Now, that would be in the past. Once you start a relationship with us, you would experience continuity and always have access to uniquely tailored advice, based on your situation.

Unique Client Id
You will be given a unique client id for your complete portfolio managed by us which could be accessed anytime by you whether it is MF, Bonds/FD, Insurance or any other investments.

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